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Fine Art & Prints

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-Bloom Collection-


β€œAs an artist, I work towards inspiring people to make their dreams and passions their reality. I want people to welcome change into their lives and become extraordinary. In my work, I love starting off with vibrant colors, with florescent paints and bright washes. Letting those colors show through in some spots to the very end is one of my favorite characteristics of my art. Painting has brought so much change and transformation to my life, and I believe it manifests in my work. I love pure emotions, on women in particular. This is why I paint women who are caught up in a moment, and are being their true, raw, authentic self.”


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Canvas Prints

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The Artist...


Born and raised in the quaint town of Queen Creek, Arizona, beautifully placed between the San Tan and Superstition Mountains, Miranda Gamel is living her dreams. She has found a way to bring the beauty of abstraction to life with vibrant color and surreal figures in her mixed media oil paintings. Creating form with a single brushstroke, Miranda depicts the dreamy world in he mind through the use of color and imagery in nature and life.  

     Determined and set out to accomplish her dreams and goals, Miranda spent countless hours being mentored by her father, a successful graphic artist. She also apprenticed under world renowned artists John and Elli Milan. Later, she took an intensive art mastery program, studying old master skills and techniques. She now uses multiple mediums such as oil, acrylics, and spray paint, and mixed techniques to achieve her finished pieces. Miranda also uses her graphic design skills to plan out her paintings, pulling multiple images and textures together to project the freedom she now feels inside. Since Miranda has launched her career as a fine artist, she has sold pieces to collectors across the country. 

     Miranda is an avid traveler, currently traveling to various places throughout the year. One of her favorite locations is the peaceful and pure Armenistis beach in Thassos, Greece. She goes on an art excursion tour with John and Elli Milan and several other established artists yearly to Greece, where she finds inspiration in the untouched ancient beauty surrounding her.

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