The Artist...


Born and raised in the living desert of Arizona,  Miranda Gamel is living her dreams. She has found a way to bring the beauty of abstraction to life with vibrant color and surreal figures in her mixed media oil paintings. Creating form with a single brushstroke, Miranda depicts a multifaceted new world through the use of color and imagery found in nature and life.  

     Determined to bring her visions to fruition, Miranda spent countless hours  apprenticing under artists John and Elli Milan. Later, she took an intensive art mastery program, studying old master skills and techniques. She now uses multiple mediums such as oil, acrylics, and caran d'Ache, along with many mixed techniques to achieve her finished pieces. This allows Miranda to play around, experiment, be wild, and still achieve an incredible level of excellence with her figures. Since launching her career, Miranda has gained collectors and strong supports world-wide,

     Miranda is an avid teacher, and traveler, currently mentoring several local artist while still  traveling to various countries throughout the year. One of her favorite locations is Marmara beach, a secluded tropical beach in Crete, Greece that embodies raw perfection. As she travels around the world, she is meeting up with other established artists along the way, and finding inspiration in the untouched ancient beauty.


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