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[ a blog about my vision board and the things I want to accomplish in 2018 ] [Jan 20, 2018]


Every year, I'm asked the same question around the end of December, particularly the 31st; " what's your news years resolution?" In the past I would give answers like, "to keep my room/work space clean," "to lose weight," "to make more money," etc. This year was different though. I didn't want any of these things. I was happy in my own skin, for the first time in years, I've gotten significantly more organized since I downsized my possessions (after watching The Minimalist, of course), and I was doing fine financially. This year I wanted to look deeper, see where I could improve in my thought process, improve where my heart was at.

I was encouraged and inspired by a couple of people this year to create a Vision Board. I opened my laptop the week after the new year began and opened up a window to Pinterest. The way I did my vision board was a bit different. Instead of first making a list of things I wanted to accomplish, then finding the best image to represent that, I made a board called "2018" and just browsed Pinterest until I started finding things that I was drawn to. I waited until my gut was screaming at me saying "that! That speaks to me!" and then I'd pin it. After I found about 12 images, I just stared at them. I asked God " Ok, so what does all this mean?"  The first one was a jaguar. Immediately I remembered something peculiar about jaguars; they are one of the only big cats to travel, hunt, and live along. They are authoritative. How do you gain authority? Through experience, trial and error, and just going for it. My whole life I have been making decisions from fear instead of strength. I have been so afraid of making a mistake, that I haven't given myself the chance to blossom into the outgoing person I was meant to be. So number one on my vision board; I want authority. I want to walk into a room and command the space. I want to move unapologetically into my destiny, knowing I am on the path to greatness. I want to be unafraid of making mistakes. I want to make lots of mistakes this year, and learn from them. This year, I am a jaguar, I move alone, I hunt alone, yet I am a powerful predator, to be feared, and admired from up close or afar.

I went through this process with each image, and wrote each description out on my (public) board, for the world to see. It amazed me how each image and each description I wrote hit me hard. It's only March and I already feel there are big changes being made in who I am, through the surfacing of these goals. When you make goal-setting an adventure, a puzzle, an interactive process, I feel it becomes more important to stay on top of these goals or ideas. They will be remembered more often, and will make you more aware of when the changes are occurring.