Learning to let go

[ when being a full-time self-employed artist doesn’t give you the stability you always dreamed of… what do you do? Panic? Cry? Give up and go get a job at Burger King? How about letting go, giving up all control? It sounds terrifying, but that is the answer I’ve come to. You were made to be an artist. As long as you are fulfilling your destiny, you will be taken care of. It may not be conventional, but it makes living a lot more exciting! ]

The transition I am currently going through involves A LOT of letting go; letting go of the idea that I need to settle down and start a family in my early 20s, letting go of the idea of living independently, as opposed to living in community (which I’m growing to LOVE), letting go of the expectation society has put on me to gain “financial stability”. I am currently learning to trust the process, trust the journey. I whole-heartedly believe I was created to create. I have the heart, mind, and soul of an artist. So why do I so often doubt myself? Society puts these ideas in our heads that if you are not making X amount of money every month, if you do not have the newest and shiniest technology, if you don’t drive this kind of car, you are not successful. What have I been made to believe success is? I am learning to let go of that definition. What is success to me, really? Success is being without debt, success is eating fresh veggies every day, success is having a community of artists around me, success is connecting with people who connect with my art, success is watching the light bulb go off when my students finally understand a new technique. None of these things require a large sum of money, a significant other, a new gadget or a shiny car. Extra money does make things more comfortable, but I have learned that comfort does not lead to growth, and growth is what I want to crave in every aspect of my life. Growth is the goal, growth is success. It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I have big dreams and big goals, and I believe as long as I am not settling in my heart, my desires and goals will come to fruition. I must simply follow my gut and not doubt, give up, or give in to what society tells me I “need” in order to be successful.

Favorite image captured by  Riley Bregar ! Follow all his beautiful work  here

Favorite image captured by Riley Bregar! Follow all his beautiful work here